New Album – Out Now at bandcamp! Space Sister:

Also available at bandcamp (and elsewhere!) – Some, Over History:

Get it at:


Marc Levinthal - Some, Over History

MP3s Recordings:

Radio Broadcast, 11/01 25:01 (22.91 MB)

Hollymatter, 9/29/99 12:08 (11.12 MB)

Hollymatter, 11/03/99 15:59 (14.64 MB)

Hollymatter, 5/31/00 17:40 (16.17 MB)

LastFMEditor’s Highlight – “Marc Levinthal has created a towering monolith of tones. A single note of guitar feedback hangs in the air for an interminable period. As other textures slowly emerge, the sounds become simultaneously meditative and menacing. This extended exercise in deep listening takes the audience from droning stasis to the edge of sonic chaos.”


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